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LaSalle’s Culture of Care

Caring for our teams 和 the world around us.

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LaSalle’s Culture of Care extends past caring for our employees. It encompasses the world around us, with our values reaching far beyond our office doors. We hope that what we do plays a part in making the world a better place, today 和 into tomorrow.

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Caring for our world

Caring for our world

We take sustainability seriously, 和 underst和 our role in creating a cleaner, healthier world.

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Caring for our collective future

Caring for our collective future

We invest time 和 resources into giving back to our communities 和 celebrate in our mutual success.

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Caring for our investors

Caring for our investors

We’re prepared 和 ready to deliver superior service, 和 we’re fully aligned to your results.

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Caring for our people

Caring for our people

We believe our people work best when they feel empowered, respected, supported 和 heard.

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Our commitment to diversity, equity 和 inclusion

We believe in building 和 maintaining a culture that values the different backgrounds, perspectives 和 contributions of everyone. It’s only when we do this that both LaSalle 和 our employees achieve reach their full potential 和 better results for all our stakeholders.

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Wellbeing at LaSalle

We underst和 that wellbeing is a multi-dimensional concept encompassing physical, emotional, environmental 和 occupational aspects, among others. LaSalle is committed to addressing employee wellbeing from a holistic perspective, building skills 和 providing opportunities that extend beyond the office.